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To provide new and returning students with social, cultural, and community service oriented events to enrich their college experience. CASA welcomes students from all backgrounds to learn more about Chinese American culture and become part of a strong and lasting family unit.


What is CASA?
Hey, everyone! We’re CASA – the Chinese American Student Association at USC. We provide a safe space for students to learn about Chinese-American identity and to find a home away from home. Originally founded in 1997 by a group of thirteen Chinese-American students at USC, CASA is now the largest cultural organization at the university, welcoming hundreds of new and returning members into our family every year.
CASA endures on three foundational drives – social, cultural, and communal. Families and social circles have developed and thrived within our organization, and we hope to provide a safe space where students can find a family away from family. We hope for students to not only learn about Chinese-American identity, but about the culture as well. The communal aspect emerges in our service when we give back to the community, whether that be for the school, city, or our greater cultural community.
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